Understanding - Property Management Team

Mick - , 24 May 2012

Nxtgen Team

I have written this letter to you so you are aware of the efforts, personality and the lengths they go to keep people happy by solving problems.

I have dealt with Nxtgen since moving in to Devon Street, Gulliver.  I have a lot of medical problems that has me in hospital a lot.  My property manager has always been understanding and flexible when it comes to house inspections and work to be done on the property.  She is a real asset to Nxtgen and it is nice to deal with the same person over the years instead of having to be passed around. I always keep a clean place and fix anything I can to save the owner having to pay tradesmen.  I am happy for my property manager to inspect the house at any time or bring the owners over whenever they wish as I trust her and I know the house is never a mess.

I have also known and had dealings with the rest of the team for the same time. They have been very fair with all the contracts I have signed with this property. Its not the best property by any means but after time when you look after a place you get attached. I believe that with the money I have saved the owners over time and the way I have looked after the place they have found a great outcome for both owner and renter.

I cannot speak any higher of them, I am sure I am not the only person to be this happy with them. In a job where you can receive abuse and have bad days they handle themselves to a professional level.

Thank you for your attention.