Selling Tips

How far should home owners go in preparing their home for sale? If you're about to place your property on the market read on for some great ideas that will help you maximise your investment.


First Impressions

Other people's mess or clutter always looks worse than your own. From the moment prospective buyers arrive they are making an internal commentary on everything they see. For Houses: gardens and lawns should be well presented; paths and driveways clean and clear; toys and garden equipment stored away. For Units: balconies washed down, replant pots with instant colour.


Illusion of Space

Remove unnecessary clutter and watch your home expand in size. Neat, well arranged cupboards, robes and pantry show the space is ample. Also, look at the amount of furniture, especially in the living areas and bedrooms. We can certainly assist with this. Our property consultants are experienced with removing the clutter and make your property inviting.


Don't Overspend Unless Absolutely Necessary

If you spend a lot of money on painting, new carpet, new kitchen or bathroom, you will want to add this cost to the price. Buyers may not share your taste, even though what they are getting is almost new.


Little Things Count

On the other hand, ensure all minor repairs are completed. Sticking doors and windows, loose doorknobs, leaking taps, faulty electrical points or paint peeling may affect your sale.


Highlight Your Home

Nothing improves the atmosphere of a home more than brightness. Open all curtains and blinds, switch on strategic lights and lamps to brighten up gloomy spots prior to the arrival of potential buyers.


Keep it Cool

On a hot day ensure that your home is well ventilated, with air conditioning and fans turned on.


The Scent of Success

Smokers and pet owners beware: nothing makes a buyer want to get out of a property quicker than stale air. Room deodorisers, a bowl of potpourri, scented candles and open windows will all help. It sounds a little over the top, but any home will be enhanced by the smell of a cake baking or freshly brewed coffee. Often the effect is subliminal; days later buyers don't always realise exactly why they got such good vibes from your home.


Pets Underfoot 

Keep your pets out of the way, preferably out of the home and yard if possible. Let the property consultant and buyers view the home undisturbed.


Take a Back Seat

Avoid having any people present during inspections if practical. The property consultant knows the buyer's requirements and can better emphasise the features of your home to prospective purchasers.


Never Apologise for the Condition of Your Home - This only Emphasises the Faults

Don't discuss the details of the transaction such as price or terms. Leave this to your property consultant - remember, their experience and training enables them to qualify purchasers and negotiate the best price. Furthermore, negotiations are more easily kept on a businesslike level when emotions are not involved.



It is often the mistake to list your home with the agent who suggests the highest price just because they have been the highest bidder. While it is true that you can always 'come down' there are many more factors to consider. Firstly, the market is always looking for new listings. This means that the first few weeks your home is on the market will bring more inspections than at any other time. All the buyers in the price range will rush to see your home. Those that have been looking for some time are the ones that have done their homework and are ready to buy now - not further into the marketing campaign when the price has been adjusted to meet the market.



Avoid going to the market with an agent that presents with the cheapest spend on marketing possible. Utilise a property consultant that has a plan on how to best present and market your property to potential buyers. If your home can only be seen by a certain percentage of the buyers in the market place, it will lessen your chances of achieving the best possible price for your home.